Ultimate Guide to Choose the Right Lockers for Your Facility in Singapore 

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Choosing lockers ideal for your space in Singapore allows you to provide the best in terms of safety, convenience, and user satisfaction. The right kinds of lockers can make a difference in running a school, gym, office, or any other facility. In this guide, we look at the various types of lockers, key factors to consider, and why you would choose AVIOS Lockers. At the end of this guide, you shall have all it takes to know how to select the perfect lockers for your facility. 

Understanding the Different Types of Lockers for Your Facility 

Metal Locker 

Description and Features  

Durability is the main reason for Metal Lockers being all-time classic locker system. These are typically made of steel to last longer. Although these are less durable than other materials, they provide a cost effective solution and safer way to store homeowners personal belongings. Steel lockers are the benchmark in the locker industry; its sturdy and durable powder-coat finish which provides secure  for books, personal valuables or gear. When it comes reliability, they are the industry standard.


Durability: Metal lockers are durable, which is appropriate for high-traffic environments.  

Security: They are the most secure, equipped with solid locks and some anti-theft features. 

Economical: Metal lockers are cost-effective while still ensuring dependable and secure storage solutions.

Ideal uses: schools, gyms, offices 

Metal lockers are specifically designed for schools, gyms, and offices that require superior security and strength. 

Avios's Metal Steel Lockers made out from cold roll steel with epoxy powder coating construction for superior quality at an unbeatable price.  

ABS Plastic Lockers 

Description and Features 

The ABS plastic locker is made of top-quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, renowned for its strength and toughness. It comes in several colors and designs, enhancing the adaptability of this material in whatever surroundings or atmosphere it is placed in. 


Color Options: The lockers are available in assorted colors to match the decor and overall look & feel of different premises, making them a universally beneficial option for diverse environments. 

Durability and Corrosion Resistance: Plastic lockers are incredibly long lasting, as they no longer rust and may be utilized in wet or moist environments. These are used for food factories etc. Exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion means these lockers are fantastic for water parks, swimming pool locations or theme park style centres. 

Long-lasting and Low Maintenance: Singapore ABS plastic locker made of 100% Engineer Plastic which is called Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, commonly known as ABS. It is robust enough to last over the years that you get it used and without much maintenance needed. 

Ideal uses: swimming pools, spa facilities, outdoor areas  

Lockers made of ABS plastic are most suitable for swimming pools, spa facilities, or any environment with outdoor exposure and a high risk of getting wet. 

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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Lockers in Singapore 

Purpose and Usage 

Checking the Needs of Your Facility Determine the wants of your facility from the lockers you require. Key considerations include a number of users, goods to be stored, and the ecosystem within which the lockers will be placed. For the high-traffic areas, the more design and the more robustness could be put into security implementation, while the low-traffic areas might be just as aesthetic and just as low cost. 

Durability and Material 

Material Comparison: Metal vs. ABS Plastic Metal lockers provide excellent durability and security but are subject to rust without the necessary maintenance. ABS Plastic Lockers: Waterproof and available in several colors, making it ideal for use in wet or outdoor circumstances. 

Consider the maintenance needs for each of the materials. Metal lockers may require some form of treatment to prevent rust, unlike ABS plastic lockers, which are just cleaned to look new once again. 

Security Features 

Types of Locks 

  • Key Locks: They are traditional and secure but require key management. 
  • Combination locks: Easy to use but somewhat less secure in the case of shared combinations. 
  • Digital locks: They are not only very secure but also very friendly to use, especially in modern facilities. 
  • RFID locker locks: For maximum security and full access control system integration. 
  • Cabinet Electronic Locks: High-Security Application.  
  • Padlocking: The most cost-effective method of securing lockers don't have to deal with missing keys, or replacing missing keys which can be substantial hidden cost over a period of time. 

Features: Anti-theft mechanisms, compatibility of being used in a CCTV setup. 

Space and Layout 

Locker Room: Measuring and Design 

This makes proper measurement and planning essential to maximize space efficiency and ensure the lockers fit correctly in place. 

Choosing the correct locker compartments size and configuration  

Choose locker dimensions and setups that are appropriate for your needs and the space available. Key things to consider will be the number of compartments and overall dimensions.  Most lockers have overall dimension of 1.8m Tall. 

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Benefits of Choosing AVIOS Lockers for Your Facility 

End-to-End Deployment of Lockers in the Facility 

With consultation and installation, AVIOS is all-inclusive, ensuring a smooth and efficient deployment of lockers in your facility.

Full Checklist to Help You Determine Your Locker Needs 

The Avios service comes with a comprehensive checklist, which ranges from establishing locker needs based on users' demographic data to locker usage and security requirements.  You can check out our services in the gallery, and one of our well-known business, FedEx Singapore use 3 Tiers ABS plastic lockers.

Ensuring the Site is Ready for Installation 

AVIOS makes sure that your site is ready to accept the locker installation. This involves confirming measurements, clearances, and floor readiness. 

Customization Option 

Colors, Sizes, and Configurations 

AVIOS lockers come in different colors and various sizes to fit your requirements. 

Opportunities for Businesses to Build a Brand 

There are also custom branding options, so your brand is on show, even on lockers, the most professional way to promote your facility. 

Quality and Reliability 

AVIOS lockers are made from high-quality materials to guarantee a long, useful life and reliability. 

After-sales support 

AVIOS provides a full line of after-sales services that cover the warranty and maintenance of lockers. There are hardworking customer service and support team members who will always work with you to address the issues. 

Maintenance and Care for Your Lockers 

Regular Cleaning and Upkeep 

Regular cleaning is vital for lockers to keep their appearance and work correctly. Use only recommended cleaners and techniques appropriate for cleaning lockers as the manufacturer advises. 

Non-abrasive cleaners are recommended, generally along with soft cloths, to reduce damaging surfaces on lockers. 

Handling Repairs and Replacements 

Identify and address common issues such as broken locks, rust, or damaged parts promptly to ensure lockers remain secure and functional. 

Extending Locker Lifespan 

Regular inspections, proper use, and timely repairs can significantly extend the life of your storage cabinet by identifying and solving potential problems before they escalate. 


In selecting the best type of lockers in Singapore, several considerations touch on material, durability, security features, and space. Avios offers a vast range of quality lockers, and combined with a complete set of services, it is a safe choice to ensure your satisfaction. By using the process outlined in this document, you can be sure of selecting lockers that will allow you to provide convenient and secure valuable possessions for your users in your facility. You can contact Avios and learn all about our services and products.