Avios Metal Steel Lockers offer economical storage of personal effects in schools, gyms, parks, recreation areas, offices and industrial locker rooms.

Avios's metal steel lockers are made out from cold roll steel with epoxy powder coating construction for superior quality at an unbeatable price.

Metal steel lockers are economical and secure, they are industry benchmark for durability, reliability and overall value.

Every individual have their specific locker needs. And each requirements varies from storage of small mobile devices like smart phones to the hanging your shirt for a quick work out at the gym.

Metal Steel Locker has many different storage compartment size. They range from full length single compartments with 2 fixed shelves, coat rail for hanging your garments, 2 compartments per column complete with coat rail and fixed shelves, to 8 compartment per compartment for storage of personal items like wallets, small bags etc.

All our metal steel lockers are vented throught the lourves on the door to improve air circulation.

Various lockset can be integrated into the locker to best fit your locker requirement. The basic locks option includes key cam locks, latch lock for padlocking, mechanical number combination locks, battery operated number combination RFID Locks and card access locks.

We are your source for new metal and steel lockers, designed for school, workplace, and athletic facilities in Singapore. Our extensive range of Metal Steel Lockers means you will find the perfect locker solution right here at Avios Locker.