ABS Plastic Lockers

Avios ABS Plastic Lockers offer a strong, all weather storage solution for schools, leisure centres, healthcare and more. ABS Plastic Lockers are modular, available in various compartments sizes, designed for schools, office, outdoor use and many others.

Avios ABS plastic lockers are made of ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), ABS Plastic Material features High Impact Resistance property. ABS plastic lockers are Rust Proof and can withstand many years of abuse.

Available in various compartment sizes. ABS lockers are designed in modular concept, this modular feature allows the lockers to be stacked and placed side-by-side to create various locker room configurations.

Important Features of ABS Plastic Lockers :

  • Robust and Rust Proof construction
  • Use of High grade of ABS Plastic material
  • Versatile Modular designs
  • High-tech lock system

Avios ABS plastic lockers are available in different lock options to fit into your requirements.

These lock options include:
1. Key Locks
2. Hasps Lock for padlocking
3. Mechanical Number Combination Keyless Lock
4. Mifare Card Access (RFID Locker Lock)


ABS Locker Size Chart

ABS Small Locker Size Chart

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