Metal Filing Cabinets are a staple item in every office.  These metal cabinets organize your documents neatly in an effective way. You can store important documents & office files in a systematic manner, safe & secure them under a lock and key system by using Metal Filing Cabinets.

There are two main types of file cabinets that are extremely useful, Vertical Filing Cabinets and Lateral Filing Cabinets.

Vertical Filing Cabinets are convenient and easy to use. They are available with two to four drawers for storing files, documents and letters. The files face the front of the drawer and are easily accessible. Each drawers have huge storage capacity. If your office face space constraint, Vertical Filing Cabinets are the best choice, they take up less floor space.

Lateral Filing Cabinets have better storage capacity. The drawers are much wider and has 25% more storage capacity over Vertical File Cabinet. You can set the files or documents front to back or side to side depending on your needs. Both legal size and letter size files can be stored within the same drawer. You can easily view and access the stored files in quickly.

Metal Filing cabinets are very useful if your office has limited space. You can have a combination of vertical and lateral file cabinets to accommodate files of all sizes.

We have a huge selection of Metal Vertical Filing Cabinets & Metal Lateral Filing Cabinets to choose from.