Keyless Number Combination Lock for Locker & Cabinet

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Avios Keyless Number Combination Locker Locks are convenient alternative to traditional locks and keys, using four digit codes rather than a key to secure lockers and cabinets.

Easy keyless operation enables each user to select any 4 digit code from 10,000 possible combinations. Requires NO BATTERIES to maintain.

Lockers with combination locks are ideal for leisure centres, schools and staff rooms, all compartments are secured with 4 digit combination.

Master keys are available to over ride, in a situation where the user forgotten their number combination.

With keyless number combination lock for locker & cabinet locks, there is no chance of keys being taken reducing administration and maintenance costs.

Go keyless with Avios keyless number combination lock.


Master Key Control
– For security checks and to recover forgotten codes.

– Keyless locker, save manpower and administrative cost.

Resettable or Preset Codes
– User set their own codes INDEFINITELY or Pre-set number combination can be incorporated into the lock.

– No electrical power needed, maintenance-free, save operations costs.

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