Full Height Swing Door Cupboard

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Avios Metal Filing Cupboards or Steel Cabinets are essential for offices, factory, school, and home. Designed to function in diverse environments to carry anything from stationery to light machinery parts and tools.

Metal Full Height Swing Door Cupboards comes with Three adjustable shelves to form 4 storage compartments, accommodate just about anything. The swing doors are secured by a 3-way bolting device ( 2 bolts shooting up and down and 1 bolt shooting to the side) which is in turn secured by a lock with 3 original keys. All units of multiple bend construction for greater rigidity and durability.

All Full Height Swing Cupboards and Metal Cabinets are supplied with 3 adjustable shelves to form 4 compartments


Height: 1830mm
Width: 914mm
Depth: 457mm


Cupboard base with castor wheels.


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