Avios's Compact High-Density Lateral Mobile Shelving System

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Avios Lateral Mobile Shelving System is a compact, high-density movable shelving system that turn your available space into efficient file storage in your office. It is a perfect alternative when space limitations prevent you from using one of Avios’s larger mobile shelving systems.

The light, handle-free carriage base supports Avios’s shelving and moves laterally, allowing you to make full use of your storage space without wasting a square inch. This efficient storage system can also be use for storage of relatively small and light items, such as files, boxes, medications and parts, it’s vastly superior to conventional filing and storage systems.

Retrieving your files and other materials is simple. Unlike other mobile systems, you do not have to open up an aisle to access them—just slide the system laterally to reach what you need. There is a lockable option via swing out doors with three point lock. You can restrict access by covering the shelves with lockable doors, transforming the storage unit into a secure cabinet.

Avios Lateral Mobile Shelving System is straightforward to install and can be set up wherever you like. It can be moved and reconfigured easily as your circumstances change. On top of that, it can be upgraded and expanded. Add more modular sections on each side as your filing and storage needs grow.

With Avios’s compact, high-density lateral mobile shelving solution, you no longer have to worry about space constraint.

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